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Board and Train
Board and Train is offered all through the Chicago-land area including  North, Northwest and Western Suburbs, Chicago and the Fox Valley.Many pet owners with demanding schedules appreciate this option: various training programs in which your dog stays with the trainer in her home. Our "Doggie Camp" program is unparalleled -unlike a kennel, we only accept a few dogs for training at one time ensuring that your dog receives the attention he/she deserves.  Staying in a home environment is exactly what sets our board/train program apart from all others.  Kennels can be very stressful- dogs in kennels can easily spend most of their time in a concrete dog run with time out just for short play or training sessions. High stress can be very detrimental to your dog's health as it comprises their immune system and can make learning very difficult.

We can design a specific training program to fit you and your dog's individual needs. Unlike other board/train camps we offer not only beginner and advanced training, but also a special behavior adjustment option which focuses on specific issues you may be experiencing with your pet.  Achieving better interaction with children and family members, teaching social skills in relation to other dogs and animals, housebreaking for the older or shelter dog are just a few examples of different problems we can help you with on a customized board and train program.

At Markay, your dog stays in Liz's home-with her family and dogs- where most of their time is spent either with Liz or socializing with the other dogs. This low stress environment is one of the many factors which contribute to the success of Markay's board and train program. While staying with Liz, she will evaluate the different aspects of each individual dog--from nutrition to exercise, and will set up a personalized training program for each.  Because she only works with a few dogs at a time, she is able to give your dog the attention he/she deserves.  She can focus on his or her own unique needs and  assess each properly.  She will  make various recommendations  and implement methods regarding food, training and exercise programs geared just to your dog.

Although Liz is the primary person who will handle, train or feed your dog,  she does  make sure that your dog meets lots of different people in social settings and learns how to have good manners at all times.    Your dog will go on field trips with Liz - shopping, visits to the horse barn, walking on nature parks or just out on errands.  These types of trips teach your dog how to be a well mannered canine citizen in a variety of places and situations.  Whether it be meeting horses at the barn, or practicing commands while out shopping these are the types of training tools which sets Markay apart from other trainers.


The basic beginner board and train program  includes one post-camp private lesson to review what has been learned. This lesson takes place immediately following the training and  takes place either in your home, or at my classroom location-depending on where you are located.
During this 14-16 day visit your dog will learn the basic commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come.  Liz will also work to correct behavioral problems such as barking, jumping, mouthing, chewing , nipping and stealing- just to name a few!

The post-camp private lesson is essential to assure that your dog doesn't receive mixed messages (camp vs. home).
The entire family is welcome to participate in all phases of your dog's training. Consistency is the goal...and the hallmark of training that lasts!
Fee is $1400.00 and includes the post training lesson as well as pick up and drop off.


This training is intense, personal, comprehensive, and completely individualized to your dog's temperament and current behaviors. Dogs in this program will normally have already learned their basic commands with Markay.

A minimum 8 day stay for all advance programs. 
The fee for this program is $95.00 a night.  There is also a travel fee of $15 each way for pick up and return.


This training is for dogs 4-12 months of age who are in need of house breaking or paper training.  The required stay for this program is 3 weeks.  A 1 hour lesson in your home at the end of the program is part of this package.  There are no other commands taught or behaviors addressed in this program.
 Fee is $1500.00 and includes pick up and return, as well as the post program lesso


Minimum age is 16 weeks
Dogs 9 months and older must be spayed or nurtured
Dogs must be fully vaccinated, have flea/tick protection and written proof must be provided prior to boarding of the following:

  • Canine Influenza Vaccine
  • Bordatella Vaccine
  • Proof of a negative stool report within 30 days of boarding date

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