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Liz Georgiou

Liz has been training dogs and people since 1989.  She has worked with a large variety of breeds-both purebred and mixed, large and small.  She has experience working with all types of canine behaviors ranging from serious issues with aggressive and leadership problems to everyday difficulties such as housebreaking, crate training and barking.

Liz is a founding member of Canine Motivated Therapies.  This organization helps people overcome physical and emotional trauma through dog-assisted, goal oriented therapy.  Liz's own dogs are therapy volunteers and she also teaches classes designed to help dogs become canine therapists.  She believes deeply in the healing powers of the dog and human relationship.

Liz's other passion is horses and she rides daily.  She and her husband moved to the Fox Valley, just an hour
west of Chicago and the Northshore so that they could give their dogs and horses the best of country life!  They live on 3 lovely, wooded acres and play host to the many canine visitors who come for training camp.  Observing nature, bird watching, walking in the woods and generally enjoying the great outdoors are some of what makes their home an ideal location for training and loving dogs!


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