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Testimonials from owners and experts...


"We refer our patients and clients to MarKay for obedience training and behavior consultation. Our clients have always been happy, and our patients generally improve their behavior. Their approach is professional, yet caring. In a world where euthenasia for behavior problems is common, MarKay Dog Training has saved the lives of some of our patients."

Glenn Mayer, D.V.M. - Abell Animal Hospital, Chicago, IL

"Their methods have been effective when followed. They are kind, yet firm. I strongly recommend and encourage my clients to use the services of MarKay."

Jerold K Needleman, D.V.M. - Northbrook Animal Clinic, Northbrook, IL

Hi Liz
"Trotter is doing very well. I am so proud of him and he is doing 100X better on his walks, sit stays, down stays. We still have work to do but understanding how to work with him and working within this structure will significantly improve his life. It was pretty funny, I actually had 3 people stop me this week and tell me how impressed they were in how we was behaved on his walk (Sitting at every stop) etc..

Goes without saying ~ great job.  Good to see he was in a great environment and it will always benefit him to get more advanced training etc."  Phil

"I just wanted to tell you that Bailey is doing GREAT!  She really is
like a completely different dog.  Thank you soooooo much!    We are truly impressed. "

"MarKay's approach to training has made the difference in how my (three) dogs interact in our home and in public, I have referred MarKay enthusiastically to a wide range of friends and associates."

Trina G. McCallister, Chicago, IL 

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